Invitation to attend Roundtable on Road Traffic Injury Prevention seminar in #Delhi

Dear RTIRN partners in India and about,

On behalf of the George Institute India, it is my pleasure to invite you to the Roundtable on Road Traffic Injury Prevention in India to be held at the India Habitat Center, New Delhi on 15th December 2017.

India has the highest number of road traffic crash deaths and injuries in the world, costing Rs 4.07 lakh crores, accounting for approximately 3% of the country’s GDP. Sustainable Development Target 3.6 sets an ambitious goal of halving the number of global deaths and injuries from road traffic crashes, by 2020. Whilst there is commitment by government to attain this target, the latest National Crime Bureau reports an increase of 5% in road traffic fatalities between 2014- 15.

In the past decade several initiatives have been undertaken by the government, civil society organizations, industries, and other road safety partners in India. Some of these have addressed data improvement (a new accident report form), vehicle standards, road infrastructure upgrading, road user behaviour as well as the post-crash response. The passing of Good Samaritan law in India is an important step and can bring road safety policy in the country in line with global good practices.

At the George Institute for Global Health we have been designing, developing, and generating a body of evidence around road traffic injury prevention and safety by implementing high quality and influential programs in Australia and South East Asian countries, which can be scaled up at sub national and national levels in India.

We are inviting a wide range of stakeholders from multilateral development banks, United Nations Agencies, bilateral organizations, non-governmental organizations, civil society, as well as representatives from the state and central ministries and private companies to this Round Table in order to identify the best evidence-based interventions that India should prioritize in order to move towards SDG3.6, and make convincing arguments to turn ideas into action.

The format would be a high level inaugural session followed by panel discussions on the Injury Surveillance Systems in India- opportunities and challenges, developing trauma care systems in India and Safe systems and beyond with an aim to support the road map that the Government of India is envisaging to reduce fatalities and injuries due to road traffic crashes.

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We would much appreciate your contribution. Agenda and further details follow, shortly.

Thank you in anticipation of your support, and we look forward to your participation.

Kind Regards,

Dr Jagnoor Jagnoor, Dr Margie Peden and Prof. Rebecca Ivers

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